This beautiful circa 1865 home is being restored to its former glory. It features four bedrooms, four entertaining rooms, front porch, back porch, balcony, and large back yard with parking. All Furnishings are done in period style. Each room in the house boasts its own unique hand painted soapstone fireplace. 

The Historic restoration process is an ongoing one with the help of family, friends, and loved ones. 

The Mitchell House offers FREE historic home tours, as well as themed tours and event packages! 

The Mitchell House has four bedrooms, all of which are dedicated to a specific famous historical figure from Circleville. 




The Mitchell House Bed & Breakfast in Downtown Circleville

Make our house your home away from home.

Free Historic Mitchell House Tours 

Tours are about 45 minutes. Call 740-497-4207 to book your free tour!